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Capture the wildest imagination with a portable tablet!

This series is an updated line of Huion. Many of the products of this series launched in 2021 during pandemic situations. RTE-100, RTS-300, RTM-500, RTP-700, H430P, H420X, H580X, H610X, H610Pro V2, WH1409 V2, WH1409 V2, and H1161; all these models are available at the Multimedia Kingdom.

Free your creativity and enjoy sketching, drawing, painting, and designing with HUION!

Huion is the best quality and affordable Graphic Tablet for beginners and professionals. HUION is a China-based drawing tablet brand founded in 2011. It provides all types of graphic tablets, pen displays, pen tablets, LED light pads, and much more! Its products are compatible with Android, Windows, and macOS, and can be used for online classes, digital art, animation, character design, creating digital works, photo editing, etc.