HUION is a world known digital art device producer company. For beginners and professionals, it provides drawing tablets, light pads, and pen displays. Its products are compatible with Android, Windows, macOS, Linux and can be used to create digital works, and photo editing. In Bangladesh Multimedia Kingdom is the authorized distributor of Huion.

Responsible brand

Our responsibility is to realize your creative ideas.

We have been dedicated to the realization of creative ideas, and will live up to our missions all the way through. As we are exploring and creating a better user experience, we always follow our mantra, Bear User Request in Mind, Encourage User Involvement and Fulfill Targets with User-oriented Thoughts

Strong in R&D

R&D is the core of innovation.

Through group working on R&D, Huion settles problems that occur on different stages to achieve the ideal performance of products. Lines input are delicately rendered by digital pen with a flexible nib and 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity. To ensure the cursor on the screen moves simultaneously with the nib, in addition to 266PPS report rate, it requests precise working of chips, screen, electrical resistance module and so on.

Simplicity in design and form

Latest IT Product

It usually takes a long time to get the latest products in the country. As soon as these products reach the international markets, we work to deliver those to the customers forthright. We also try to deliver updated versions of sophisticated stuffs like gaming products, GPS devices, Action cameras, Apple products and various advanced IT Products. Almost all of the world’s best brands of digital drawing devices and related materials have entered the local markets through the hands of Multimedia Kingdom. In the meantime, Multimedia Kingdom has delivered this digital drawing devices to thousands of painters, graphic designers, photographers, students and teachers across the country. Undoubtedly, Multimedia Kingdom acts as a Pioneer Company in this sector.

Show your creativity to the world

A Creative hub

Multimedia Kingdom is the authorized distributor of different Graphic Tablet companies like Huion, XP-Pen, Parblo, Veikk, Ace-pen etc.

Multimedia Kingdom was built in 2003 to offer finished innovative arrangements with the most up and coming and late advances. Multimedia Kingdom’s committed staff are capable in various parts of data and correspondence innovations. From various equipment and working framework stages to complex system design, Multimedia Kingdom will attempt to give the best and latest innovative arrangement that is inside the client’s spending plan.

Our Team Members

We have a young enargetic team of more then 15 members with experience. Let know about leader’s of them.

Mohammad Ali Jewel

Founder & CEO

Sultana Sheikh Mily

Asst. Manager, Accounts & HR

Yusuf Mahmud

Head of Digital Team

Fahim Abdullah

Executive, R&D